Easy to administer:

Using a tablet, VASS Customer Pages can be created in under one minute, easily becoming a natural part of your delivery process.

Simply leave a tablet in your delivery area and allow everyone to help create powerful customer testimonial web pages that will help you sell more vehicles, while bolstering online ratings.

VASS Customer Pages feature real photos, real testimonials, real comments, vehicle discounts, and over 50 hyperlinks to every department inside your dealership, and much more.


Page ONE Google results when people search “Reviews” concerning your dealership, along with multiple organic Google results on the makes and models you sell most often. You’ll also dominate in Google Images, showcasing the hundreds of happy customers who’ve already bought from you.


Automated social media sharing in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus begins with VASS Pages, and extends to your customers, salespeople and the rest of your staff.


Don’t get lost in the “stars game”. Build a powerful online presence while selling more vehicles with VASS Customer Pages.



A real customer photo and a hand-written testimonial review are what make a VASS Customer Testimonial Page believable.

Google LOVES our simple, recognizable format. And, with just a CLICK, our system will post their VASS Page to their Facebook, Twitter & more. Best of all, you can reward them for sharing.

Don’t forget – Pages automatically post to your Facebook and Twitter, too.

View “Live” Customer Testimonial Pages
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We’ll update all of your VASS Customer Pages each month, ensuring your sales and service specials are always current.

Add YouTube videos to deliver your current TV commercials, video greetings, walk-arounds, and more.

Your hundreds of VASS Customer Pages are automatically shared socially in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.

Your customers, salespeople, internet manager, even clerical staff, can all share your VASS Customer Pages.



Salespeople love VASS Pages because they know they’ll get credit for all leads and referrals.

Multiple areas in every VASS Page are dedicated to specific words and phrases designed to attract Google. And, your future customers.


Every VASS Pages Dealership receives a “Customer Reviews Landing Page“.

Link your website to your Landing Page, and allow your visitors to easily find your hundreds of existing happy customers, photos and testimonials.




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