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Is My Exclusive VASS Pages Market Available?

Welcome to VASS Pages

VASS Pages are a unique marketing and advertising system made specifically for auto dealers.

The concept is simple, this is what we do:

  • Create “real” Customer Testimonial Web Pages crafted from your existing customers.
  • Publish these Customer Testimonial Pages separately from your existing website.
  • Hyperlink these Customer Testimonial Pages to every vehicle and department within your existing website
  • Promote these Customer Testimonial Pages using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and online press.
  • Watch them appear in “page-one, organic Google search results” whenever car-shopper’s Google search phrases like, “Buy Ford Escape” or “Chevy Cruz Reviews” in your local market.
  • Unlike DealerRater® or Google Reviews, VASS Customer Pages create a powerful, interactive rating system exclusive to your dealership.

Our system is so effective, we post “LIVE” Google search results on our website, allowing you to see real, “organic” page-one Google results, most every time. Try it now, and see for yourself why dealers across the United States and Canada are securing a market-exclusive license with VASS Pages.



A real customer photo and a hand-written testimonial review are what make a VASS Customer Testimonial Page believable.

Google LOVES our simple, recognizable format. And, with just a CLICK, our system will post their VASS Page to their Facebook, Twitter & more. Best of all, you can reward them for sharing.

Don’t forget – Pages automatically post to your Facebook and Twitter, too.


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Update your hundreds of VASS Customer Pages each month with your latest sales and service specials.

Add YouTube videos to deliver your current TV commercials, video greetings, walk-arounds, and more.

Your hundreds of VASS Customer Pages are automatically shared socially in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.

Your customers, salespeople, internet manager, even clerical staff, can all share your VASS Customer Pages.


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Salespeople love VASS Pages because they know they’ll get credit for all leads and referrals.

Multiple areas in every VASS Page are dedicated to specific words and phrases designed to attract Google. And, your future customers.

Just one more reason why VASS Customer Pages continually appear on page-one in Google’s “organic” search results. See for yourself.

Possibly, the most revolutionary automotive referral mechanism of all time:

The VASS Pages “Referral Discount Coupon“.


How it Works:

  • Each coupon is specifically tied to the salesperson and referring customer (Unique to every VASS Page)

  • Whenever the coupon is printed, the salesperson, internet manager and referring customer are notified

  • When brought to store and scanned by salesperson, the referring customer and internet manager are notified

  • Encourages social sharing with guaranteed referral rewards

  • May also be used for non-monetary rewards (ie: free oil changes, car washes, etc.)